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another test

Will this work from work?

Wedding plans

Today we spent the day going to the Cape and helping Heather and Scott move furniture and make ultra quick wedding plans. I bought Heather the cards she likes to write the invitations and we put up the curtains in their bedroom which make a huge difference. I brought home my sister-in-law's Moses basket so I can copy the the bedding for a pattern. THis week I will have to get the flowers for the house. ... Wow! I am almost as astonished this is happening as my mother is. I went to she her at the rehab.

the other blog

I was going to move my blogging such as it is to http://lois54.blogspot.com. But I have good friends here though I have not seen them all in FOREVER. I may try to keep up both time will tell....

Some updates

The contest has gotten me to work on sewing though I have only cut out one thing but it's a start. 

Since I haven't written much in a while I have stuff I haven't talked about here.  For example since I posted in 2006 we have been to Venice and New Orleans and China.  There are galleries at those links.  I will write something about the trips soon.  Now I am going to go sleep.  Peace......


I really hope that entering a sewing contest will spur me to make some nice things for my granddaughter who will be born in May. I will be taking a mold making class from my favorite doll making site.